Intermodal Association of Chicago
Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: How much does it cost to become a member?
Membership is $40 per year. You can join on the spot at any IAC function, or go to our Membership page to download Application. Please make check payable to Intermodal Association of Chicago.
Q: What are the benefits in being a member?
Make new contacts in the intermodal business...enjoy activities every month...and possibly win some spectacular door prizes at every function. See our Events Schedule.
Q: Do I have to be a member to attend the dinners and outings?
A: do not have to be a member to attend. However, you are not eligible to win our spectacular door prizes if you are a non-member.
Q: How much do the dinners and outings cost?
The cost for monthly dinners is $40 per person whether you are a member or not. Golf outings, December Holiday dinner, and other special events cost more. Prices to special events may change each year.
Q: What is the check-in procedure for dinners and outings?
When you arrive at the event, please find the check-in table and give your name and company to get your ticket(s). If you are attending as a guest of a company, please find that company to get your ticket. After getting your ticket, fill out your first and last name and company, print legibly so we can read your name if drawn for a prize. Tear off this prize section of your ticket and place in the appropriate Member or Non-Member bowl. Keep the dinner section of your ticket and give to the server at your table.
Q: How are prizes given away? Are memberships really verified?
Prizes are giving away randomly by names being drawn by the event attendees. YES, membership status is verified. After prize tickets are drawn, names are checked against the current membership roster. REMEMBER, after you are handed your prize, IAC is no longer responsible for that prize. Do not leave your prize unattended.
Q: Do you offer any educational training classes?
We do occasionally provide a basic introductory class called "Intermodal 101". Please contact us for details.
Q: How do I apply for the IAC Scholarship program?
IAC is pleased to offer annual assistance to students who meet our criteria. Click here for Scholarship Info.
Q: Do you have a job board? Can I post my resume to members?
IAC currently does not have a job and resume section. Try contacting a recruiter specializing in logistics or try a job matching website like Intermodal Jobs & Resumes
Q: How can I get a map of Chicago intermodal terminals?
We currently do not have the map of Chicago intermodal terminals and depots available for download. Please contact us and we can fax it to you, or try Intermodal Terminals for address and contact numbers.
Q: Where can I find a list of draymen serving Chicago?
IAC does not sell our membership list. You can find drayage truckers serving Chicago at