Intermodal Association of Chicago
About the Intermodal Association of Chicago
Our Background
The group was founded in 1961 as a forum for railroad operation officials to discuss mutual challenges related to the emergence of "piggyback" transportation. Over the years we have expanded both our scope of membership and our types of activities. We were incorporated in 1987 under Illinois Not-for-Profit Corporation Act. In 1992 we changed our name from the "Piggyback Association of Chicago" to the "Intermodal Association of Chicago" to better reflect both trailer and containerization in the intermodal industry.

Our Activities
We hold seven dinner meetings each year consisting of a cocktail hour, dinner and a presentation by an industry participant.

We "tee-up" for two golf outings each summer so that our members can enjoy some informal time together.

We wind up each year with the December Christmas Party. This gala event is attended by industry representatives from throughout North America.

Over the years we have sponsored forums and seminars involving all aspects of the intermodal industry. Click here for our Events Schedule.

Constitution & By-Laws
The Intermodal Association of Chicago is a 501-C non-profit organization structured by a Constitution and set of By-Laws. To view a copy, please Contact Us.

Our Members
The Intermodal Association of Chicago (IAC) has a membership exceeding 700. Our members, while concentrated in Chicago, are all around the United States and Canada. Our members represent all facets of the intermodal industry, namely railroads, draymen, freight forwarders, intermodal marketing companies, maintenance and repair providers, equipment lessors, parts suppliers and many others.

The variety of participants at our meetings provides a lively forum for discussion of issues confronting the intermodal industry from a variety of viewpoints.

Benefits of Membership
Our members enjoy lively and stimulating conversation at the monthly meetings and other events. Members qualify for door prizes at the meetings.

The Association provides scholarships for members and their immediate dependents.

Members who attend our meetings are up to date as to developments in the industry.

Annual dues are $50.00 per year, effective January 1 through Dec 31 of the year paid. Click here to see if you are a member or to become member: Membership.

Intermodal Association of Chicago - Past Presidents
1961Ralph Webster - Pennsylvania Railroad
1962William Sarakenoff - Milwaukee Railroad
1963Edward Frey - Santa Fe Railroad
1964Gordon Miller - Wabash Railroad
1965Fred Mitchell - Chicago Burlington & Quincy Railroad
1966Fred Lawson - Illinois Central Gulf Railroad
1967Royce Cornell - Norfolk & Western Railroad
1968Don Miller - Milwaukee Railroad
1969Paul Johnson - Chicago & Northwestern Railroad
1970Joe Urschel - Norfolk & Western Railroad
1971Joe Schuetter - Rock Island Railroad
1972Art Sewell - Southern Railway
1973William Franklin - Rock Island Railroad
1974Walter Stuhl - Chessie System
1975Richard Dushek - Santa Fe Railroad
1976Ted Campbell - Burlington Northern Railroad
1977Al Engel - SCL / L & N Railroad
1978Ray Ascencio - Conrail
1979Robert Moline - Santa Fe Trails Transportation
1980Don Drumtra - Norfolk & Western Railroad
1981Robert M. Denny, Jr. - SOO Line Railroad
1982Nicholas A. Cinquepalmi - Union Pacific Railroad
1983Paul J. Rasmason - Grand Trunk Railway
1984Susan R. Wiegner - Soo Line Railroad
1985M. Keith Rankin - Conrail
1986Paul W. Eggert - CP Rail System
1987John J. Canty - CNW
1988Thomas J. Kelley - SP Transportation
1989Mel Hathaway - Iowa Interstate
1990Harvey E. Dollars - Conrail
1991Wayne P. Smolinski - Santa Fe Terminal Service
1992Richard R. Urycki - CSX Intermodal
1993Douglas G. Boggs - CN North America
1994David A. Wilson - Wisconsin Central Ltd.
1995Stephen A. Serio CN Railway
1996Joseph P. Sievert - TRRA of St. Louis
1997Mary O'Brien - BNSF
1998Bruce Betts - Iowa Interstate
1999Alan B. Sherman - Union Pacific Railroad
2000Greg Mangieri - Illinois Central Railroad
2001Chris Davis - CN / IC RR
2002Dan Friberg - Vermont Railway
2003Duane Torrence - Canadian Pacific Railway
2004Ron Sucik - TTX Company
2005Walter Helmus, Jr. CCIB
2006J. Michael Baker CBA Tire
2007Jerome (Jim) Miceli Cushing Transportation
2008Michael Murray Seacastle Chassis
2009Dennis Schmidt Canadian Pacific Railway
2010Amy Genobles Milestone Equipment Corporation
2011Joseph Blake CCIB
2012Jim Kramer ContainerPort Group
2012Jim Kramer (Jan-Jun) & Jason Hilsenbeck (Jul-Dec)
2014Jason Hilsenbeck LoadMatch &
2015Michael Gicewicz Nexus Distribution
2016E.J. Bronwasser NYK Line
2017E.J. Bronwasser NYK Line
2018Mike Mays ContainerPort Group
2019Ryan Dromgoole C.H. Robinson
2020Greg Sand Assurance Agency
2021Jonathan Urban ContainerPort Group
2022Matt Bahena Cargomatic
2023Jason Hilsenbeck LoadMatch &